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Algatec® - Advanced Algaecide and Water Treatment

Algatec® is more than just an algaecide; it's a powerful, multifaceted solution to maintain the pristine condition of your swimming pool. This unique product effectively tackles green, yellow, and stubborn black algae. It eradicates algae within hours and prevents their regrowth. Notably, Algatec® doesn't require chlorine to work and even enhances your pool's sanitizer efficiency by up to 600%. 

Features and Benefits

  • Effective and Fast: Algatec® swiftly eliminates algae, saving time and effort.
  • Suitable for All Pool Types: Whether you have a chlorine or saltwater pool, Algatec® is compatible.
  • Water Clarification: Not only does it kill algae, but it also clarifies your pool water, ensuring it remains ultra-clear.
  • Chlorine Synergy: Boosts your pool's chlorine effectiveness while using less sanitizer.
  • User-Friendly: With no need for complicated testing, Algatec® is easy to use.

Discover the difference Algatec® can make in your pool's maintenance. Experience a cleaner, clearer, and more enjoyable swimming environment.

All Pools

  • Remove debris from algae-infested pools.
  • Use Algatec with approved sanitizer.
  • Super-chlorinate and adjust pH for better cleaning.
  • Keep pool filter pump running during cleanup (4 to 24 hours).

Green Algae

  • Add Algatec for visible algae, more for heavy growth.
  • Brush algae on walls and surfaces.
  • Re-test and balance chlorine and pH after cleanup.
  • Clean filter unit and backwash if needed.
  • Weekly Algatec use to prevent regrowth.

Yellow or Mustard Algae

  • Add Algatec for visible algae, more for heavy growth.
  • Brush yellow algae on walls and surfaces.
  • Shock chlorine, adjust pH as per manufacturer.
  • Re-test and balance chlorine and pH after cleanup.
  • Clean filter unit and backwash if needed.
  • Weekly Algatec use to prevent regrowth.

Black Algae - Fungus

  • Add Algatec at maximum dosage.
  • Scrub growth with combo or wire brush daily for 7-10 days.
  • Apply granular chlorine to affected areas.
  • Super-chlorinate using pool-friendly chlorine, as per instructions.
  • Frequent pool water testing and balancing.
  • Clean filter unit and backwash if needed.
  • Run pool filter pump for 6-8 hours daily during cleanup.
  • Weekly Algatec use to ensure eradication.
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Beautec® - Superior Pool Cleaner

  • Aggressively prevents scale, stain, and scum buildup
  • Removes existing buildup on surfaces and equipment
  • Salt cell descaler and protector, prolonging cell lifespan
  • Controls calcium up to 1,000 ppm and hard silicates up to 300 ppm
  • Strongly sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals
  • Eliminates calcium films, calcium phosphate, and waterline buildup
  • Long-lasting protection with chlorine stability
  • Contains no phosphates, phosphonates, or acids

Unsurpassed Surface Protection

  • Utilizes new Synertec® polymer technology
  • Removes existing scale buildup without harsh acids
  • Prevents metal stains due to iron, copper, and manganese
  • Guards against both softer and harder calcium-silicate scales

Advanced Synertec Formulation

  • Utilizes high-performance polymers for scale prevention
  • Complex mechanism for threshold inhibition, crystal modification, and sequestration
  • Effective prevention and ongoing removal of mineral scales, stains, and scum
  • Exceptional chlorine stability for lasting performance

Easy Application

  • Simply add the product directly to your pool water
  • No waiting required; swim immediately after treatment
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Pooltec® - The 3-in-1 Pool Water Treatment Solution

Pooltec® is the all-in-one solution for your pool, offering continuous prevention and treatment of green, yellow, and black algae. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to crystal clarity. Pooltec® doesn't just tackle algae; it also functions as an excellent water clarifier and a powerful chlorine booster, making your pool maintenance hassle-free.

Key Features

  • Complete Algae Control: Kills and prevents all types of algae, delivering a clean, algae-free pool.
  • Ultra Water Clarity: Enjoy the beauty of perfectly clear water with Pooltec®.
  • Chlorine Enhancement: Boosts the efficiency of your pool's sanitizer, saving you money on chemicals.
  • Compatible with All Sanitizers: Whether you use chlorine or a salt system, Pooltec® works seamlessly.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Forget additional algaecides and clarifiers; Pooltec® does it all.

Experience a more relaxed and cost-effective approach to pool maintenance with Pooltec®. Keep your water sparkling, clear, and inviting throughout the swimming season.

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Pooltec Fall - Winter®

Fall-Winter Pool Treatment

  • All Season Algaecide
  • Water Clarifier
  • Non-Chlorine Treatment
  • Protection Lasts from fall to Spring

How It Works

  1. Start with a clean, balanced pool.
  2. If needed, shock the pool.
  3. Add 3/4 to one quart of Pooltec Fall-Winter Treatment per 10,000 gallons at pool closing.
  4. Combine with other closing additives for comprehensive protection.
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Scaletec® Plus - The Ultimate Pool Surface Descaler

Scaletec® Plus is your go-to solution for removing and preventing calcium deposits on pool surfaces, tiles, and equipment. Unlike other harsh acid cleaners, Scaletec® Plus offers a non-acidic, environmentally friendly formula. This innovative product not only cleans but also removes stubborn metal stains. Say goodbye to calcium films, phosphate, and waterline buildup with Scaletec® Plus.

What Sets Scaletec® Plus Apart

  • Effective Calcium Removal: Eliminate white calcium and mixed composition scales from pool surfaces and equipment.
  • Metal Stain Removal: It strongly sequesters iron, copper, and manganese stains, preserving your pool's appearance.
  • Salt Cell Care: This helps optimize your salt cell's chlorine output, saving you time and money.
  • Non-Acidic Formula: No need for harsh acids or scrubbing; Scaletec® Plus is easy to use.

Get in touch to protect your pool's surfaces and equipment with the power of Scaletec® Plus. Enjoy a longer-lasting, more attractive pool.

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  • Dust-Free Startups: 90%-100% less dust and brushing
  • Mottling Reduction: Minimizes discoloration on all finishes
  • Eliminates "Hot Startups": Preserves quartz and aggregates
  • Metal Ion Sequestration: Prevents staining and calcium film
  • Enhanced Finish Exposure: Ideal for pigmented and pebble finishes
  • Phosphate and Acid-Free: Advanced multi-sequestrant formula
  • Avoid Warranty Issues: Reduces replastering, lawsuits, and damage
  • Immediate Pool Use: Swimmers can enjoy the pool right away

Experience STARTUP-TEC®

  • Dust Prevention
  • Mottling Reduction
  • Aggregates' Brilliant Exposure
  • Stain and Film Protection
  • Finish Enhancement
  • Warranty Confidence
  • Quick Pool Access
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FOUNTEC®: Powerful Algae Remover

  • Eradicates yellow and black algae
  • Removes clinging algae with minimal brushing
  • Ultra-clear water with water clarifiers
  • No foaming or staining
  • No weekly chlorine or testing needed
  • Prevents regrowth with a small weekly dose
  • Safe for plants and animals, not for aquatic life


  • Kills all algae types and prevents regrowth
  • Ideal for fountains, water gardens, birdbaths
  • Super-clarifies water with cationic polymers

Special Instructions

  • For persistent algae, repeat daily dosage
  • Shock fountain with household bleach for algae and biofilm removal.

Directions for Use

  • Initial Dosage (First Time): Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) or 1 capful per 100 gallons (380 liters).
  • Weekly Maintenance: Add ½ teaspoon (3 ml) or ½ capful per 100 gallons (380 liters).
  • For Cloudy Water or Visible Algae: Add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) or 2 capfuls per 100 gallons (380 liters). Maintain proper sanitizer levels and shock spa water as needed.
  • No Waiting - Immediate Enjoyment: You can enjoy your spa immediately after treatment.
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PROTEC® Features

  • Prevents and removes scale buildup
  • Controls water metals and prevents surface stains
  • Protects fountain water pumps
  • Eliminates the need for distilled water
  • Requires only a small monthly dosage
  • Non-acidic formula
  • Environmentally safe
  • Treated water is safe for birds, plants, and animals, including aquatic life


  • Learn more about Protec®
  • Powerful Synertec cleaners for removing and preventing scale deposits and stains
  • Ideal for decorative fountains, birdbaths, tabletop fountains, and water gardens

Special Instructions

  • For persistent calcium deposits, raise water levels to allow Protec to soak deposit
  • Double the recommended dosage for stubborn calcium buildup
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Spatec® for Spas - Spa Water Perfection

Spatec® For Spas offers a weekly spa treatment that keeps your spa water clean, clear, and free of algae and reduces chlorine or bromine usage.


  • Ensures pristine water quality and bather comfort
  • Keeps spa water consistently cleaner with less effort
  • Maintains ultra-clear spa water
  • Kills and prevents all types of algae growth
  • Reduces the use of bromine and chlorine to save on costs


  • Ensures that your spa water is always clean and ready to use
  • Provides a natural and gentle spa water experience
  • Gentle on your skin, eyes, and swimwear
  • Contains no staining metals
  • Works seamlessly with all types of sanitizers
  • Non-hazardous and EPA-registered
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Beautec® for Spas - Spa Surface Perfection

Beautec® For Spas is a monthly spa surface cleaner and scale-stain-scum preventative. It keeps spa surfaces clean, pristine, and looking beautiful.


  • Acts as a multiscale and multi-stain preventative and remover
  • Constantly removes and prevents oil scum buildup without the need for enzymes
  • Continuously purges and cleans plumbing lines
  • Protects the spa heater and filter unit from the mineral scale


  • Provides a multi-task treatment to eliminate the need for other maintenance products
  • Continuously cleans spa surfaces, tile, equipment, and salt generators
  • Keeps your spa looking beautiful and well-maintained
  • Environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin and swimwear