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SCALETEC® Features

Strong pool Surface and tile descaler plus stain remover.

  • Effectively removes calcium buildup on pool surfaces, tile and equipment.
  • Cleans and restores pool surfaces in just two weeks.
  • Stain remover and sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals.
  • Salt cell cleaner and protector, helps optimize chlorine output.
  • Replaces hazardous acid-washing method and costly tile cleaning.
  • Advanced non-acidic and ultra-low phosphate Synertec formulation.
  • scaletec safety data sheet


Product Summary

High performance swimming pool calcium descaler, iron stain, scum remover and preventative. First pourable product that removes hard water buildup throughout pool surfaces, tile and all equipment without scrubbing or acids. Pour directly into pool water. Highly effective in preventing iron, copper, and manganese stains. Powerful Synertec formula provides long lasting, affordable protection year-round with just a small monthly application.

How It Works

Scaletec Plus® unique Synertec formula involve components that remove both new and old white calcium and mixed composition scales and metal stains. This process involves a combination of super-sequestration, crystal modification - absorption, and threshold inhibition. Scales and stains are both loosen from surfaces and redissolved into pool water which are filtered away or kept in suspension.


  1. Strong mineral scale, metal stain, scum remover and preventative.

  2. Descales calcium buildup throughout pool without an acid-wash and pool draining.

  3. Cleans salt cell generator to remove and prevent calcium buildup.

Selling Points

  1. Scaletec Plus® is the first pourable calcium descaler and remover added directly to pool water to cleanup pool surfaces, tile, filters and all other pool equipment.

  2. Excellent pretreatment to an acid wash especially for pools with very old scale.

  3. Pool surface restoration, cleanup, and descaling results in just 2 to 4 weeks.

  4. Long lasting cleanup and preventive action due to highly stable chlorine components.

  5. Affordable, do-it-yourself cleanup requires no special equipment or knowledge.

  6. Save hundreds of dollars over acid washing and tile cleaning expense.

Customer Benefits

  1. One to two bottles will descale an average 20,000 gallons of swimming pool water.

  2. One 64 Oz. bottle provides three monthly follow up maintenance dosages.

  3. Scaletec Plus® also descales pool filter, heater, water auto-leveler and solar units.

  4. Non acidic, non-staining, low phosphates, and enviro-safe components.

  5. Superior winter Surface descaler-stain preventative during non-swimming season.

Special Instructions

For heavily scaled pools, double the recommended cleanup dosage, and keep chlorine levels at 3.0 ppm or less. After one Month, use Beautec product to continue cleanup activity.

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