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BEAUTEC® Features

Fast Effective Algae Removal

  • Kills and Controls all algae, green, yellow and black.
  • Superior effectiveness and fast results in just 4 to 24 hours - Most Algae.
  • Eradicates difficult Black Algae(fungi) growths 7 to 10 day.
  • Strongest, fastest acting algaecide available.
  • Metal-free, non-hazardous to handle, will not foam or stain.
  • beautec safety data sheet


Product Summary

Algatec® is a highly effective, dual-action algaecide that quickly kills all types of green and yellow algae in 4 to 24 hours. The product also eradicates stubborn black algae-fungi growths with minimal brushing. Algatec's® powerful interaction with clorine based sanitizers help to enhance algae cleanup and removal. This is due to it's algastat inhibitor function. Algatec® also leaves pool water sparkling clear due to it's strong polymeric clarifying action.

How It Works

Algatec's® unique cationic polymeric compound function as a broad spectrum, non-oxiding algaecide-microbicide that kill and control the growth of microorganisms by distubing their normal metabolic process of the living cell. Algatec® has a powerful synergy with chlorine sanitizers which further enhance algae kill and removal. the product is metal-free, bromide-free, ammonia-free will not cause foam or stain and doesn't remove chlorine from pool.


  1. kills and removes all types of green and yellow algae in 4 to 24 hours.

  2. Eradicates black algae-fungi growths in 7 to 10 days or less.

  3. Super-clarifies pool water during cleanup function.

  4. Provides the fastest cleanup action available compared to other algaecide's on the market today.

Selling Points

  1. Provides complete control of all types of metal.

  2. Fast acting with superior results. Strong synergy with chlorine enhances cleanup.

  3. Ultra-clarifies pool water during cleanup.

  4. Salt pool friendly, will not interfere or deposit on cell plates.

  5. Metal-free, non-hazardous to handle, will not foam or stain.

Cunsumer Benefits

  1. Only 1 to 2 bottles per year for most pools, after initial startup dosage.

  2. It's easy and affordable to use, just add monthly or twice per year.

  3. Removes existing buildup without costly tile cleaning and acid washing.

  4. Easy to use, just pour in and swim immediately

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